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A KUDOS Return To Tuesday – 1/9/18

The boys are back! And, back to their Tuesday Night roots! They recap the holidays and welcome in studio their new sponsor, KUDOS Pizzeria! Owners, David and Stephanie, drop to tell about their awesome new pizza chain. They all go through the Top 25 Pizza Toppings, take the “Great 8 Quiz”, and, Stephanie makes herContinue Reading

Miracle on 34th Thing – 12/18/17

It’s the 2nd annual LIVE Christmas Play!!! The boys and their friends whip up their version of “Miracle on 34th Street”. 3 acts of mayhem! Listen in as Claudia Cortez, Amy O’Neill, Sean Williams, Gus Arredondo, Erik Escobar, and, Steve & Kathie Harbottle interpret this holiday classic! Play in new window | Download

Almost XMAS – 12/11/17

The boys chat up the upcoming Christmas Show. Jimmy tries a new positive spin on the holidays. Dennis from Guard Shack returns! And they go through the Top 25 Christmas Movies. Play in new window | Download

Size Matters – 12/04/17

The boys catch up on their week, Jimmy is still in the studio with Roy. And the “Top 25 Things Not To Say On A First Date” lists gets real personal with our viewers! Dedicated to David… Play in new window | Download

Jiggling The Handle – 11/27/17

Thanks to our listeners, the boys totally troubleshoot, fix and reconfigure the broadcast! Catch up on Thanksgiving and go through the Top 25 One-Hit Wonders of the ’70’s. Play in new window | Download

Morning Show Resume – 11/20/17

A show first! Both Roy and Jimmy in the same studio at the same time! The boys pitch their resume to get their own morning show again! Roy takes a “no react” test, they discuss sexiest man alive Blake Shelton, and finish up with the Top 25 Albums of all time. Play in newContinue Reading

Kevin Lahaie – 11/06/17

Comic Kevin Lahaie joins the show in studio. We chat his comedy beginnings and fun around with another poll. And, we have a reunion with the one and only John Kevari who needs a little dating advice. We wrap it up with Kevin taking the “Great 8 Quiz”. #LowesLesbian #ColonialVagina Play in newContinue Reading

Sugar T**s & Boy Bands – 10/30/17

Tonight the boys go back and look at women’s ads from the past. Dennis checks in with his Ghost Hunt adventure, and a countdown of the best and ugliest boy bands. Play in new window | Download

Darklands Paranormal – 10/23/17

Friend of the station, Marco Santucci returns to Kaotic Radio!! He shares more from Downtown Upland’s Ghost Hunt, explains different types and methods of finding someone or something “out there”, and brings in audio sample of EVP’s that Darklands Paranormal has captured throughout the years. Play in new window | Download

Ghosts & Kevari – 10/16/17

Roy recaps his paranormal adventures at this year’s Downtown Upland Ghost Hunt with Jimmy and Dennis from the Guard Shack. Comic John Kevari calls in and helps with this week’s LA Weekly Top 20 List. Play in new window | Download

Tammy Rapp – 10/09/17

Tonight we welcome Tammy Rapp, owner of “Little Shop of Hairdos” salon in Upland, CA. She talks about Downtown Upland’s upcoming Haunted Ghost Hunt, and, her efforts to revitalize Downtown Upland’s charm and appeal. Roy and Tammy bond on their shared love of Halloween and Scary Movies! They also have another LA Weekly quiz, DennisContinue Reading

Travis Tapleshay – 9/25/17

We welcome comic and producer Travis Tapleshay to the studio! We chat his comic beginnings, early shows, his start producing shows in the High Desert of Southern California. Dennis from Guard Shack checks in, and Roberta and Claudia say hello from Hawaii! The boys run down their week, another LA Weekly list is reviewed, and,Continue Reading

Giggles and Sniffles – 9/18/17

Roy and Jimmy return! Roy’s recovering from his cold and Jimmy is on hand to back him up! Dennis from the Guard Shack checks in, we take questions from the chat room, and everyone jumps in on an LA Weekly top 20 list! Another fun one in the books! Play in new window |Continue Reading

3rd Anniversary Morning Show – 9/4/17

It’s another Morning Show!!! The boys celebrate 3 years on the air! In studio is Heidi Flores, owner of Wicked Cow Burgers and Brew in Upland, CA. And, our buddy, comedian, Sean Williams! They all chat burgers, eye rolls, multiple marriages, appropriate shave habits, masturbating twins in court, relationship rules, onion rings, and, top itContinue Reading

The Cat’s Pajamas – 8/28/17

The boys discuss a plethora of topics tonight. The SoCal heatwave, their upcoming Morning Show, fast food items, and phrase origins. Dennis from the Guard Shack and Sean Williams drop in on the phones, and we get a surprise call from the legendary “Vin Scully”. Play in new window | Download

Locker Room / The Return – 8/21/17

Ryan Combe and Trucker Matt Alldredge return to kaoticradio! We catch up on all things sports, whereabouts, and upcoming events. We hear from old friends, Vicki says hello, and, their buddy,  “Bill Belichick” phones in, and, we see a different side of the eclipse! It’s a fun show and great having the Locker Room boysContinue Reading

Hot August Check In – 8/14/17

The boys check in and catch up with the week! The countdowns, the “Days Of” lists, and Dennis checks in from the Guard Shack! Our buddy Tony Valdez calls in and takes the “Great 8 Quiz”! Play in new window | Download

Sin, Sex, & the C.I.A. – 8/7/17

Roy’s back! This week, Claudia and Steve from “Sin, Sex, & the C.I.A” drop by to promote the latest High Desert play. Cast members and old friends call in for a fun free-for-all show! And, Steve, is the latest player of the “Great 8 Quiz”! Play in new window | Download

Sean Williams / Gus Arredondo – 7/31/17

With Roy on his honeymoon, Sean Williams steps up to co-host along with our buddy, comic, Gus Arredondo. We briefly recap Roy’s wedding, chat up Sean’s “Escape Night”, venture into “The Mooch”, famous people we’ve met, and, wrap it up with creepy underage love songs of our past. Play in new window | Download

Dangling Participle – 7/24/17

It’s Roy’s last week of being single! They chat up the pre-wedding events, go through the countdown, and Jimmy pulls some wedding songs to boot! Dennis checks in and they all try and figure out a dangling participle. The show ends on proper and acceptable fart behavior with a hilarious example from Roy! PlayContinue Reading

Doghouse Days – 7/17/17

On this episode, the boys chat National “Get Out Of The Doghouse Day” with Elizabeth and Gary. Gary sets them straight on a proper Doghouse. Dennis from the Guard Shack calls in early for his weekly update. SPOILER ALERT… it was a pretzel! And, they chat Roy’s upcoming nuptials. Play in new windowContinue Reading

Rich Redmond – 7/9/17

The Roy & Jimmy Morning Show returns with guest Rich Redmond! Studio and tour drummer for Jason Aldean plus studio work with numerous artists. They talk about his music career, acting prospects, motivational speaking events, drum classes, and love of music and spreading positive encouragement through music. Have a few laughs about career choices, lifeContinue Reading

Sean Williams / 4th of July – 7/3/17

Recurring guest, and, show favorite, comic Sean Williams joins the boys for this episode. Sean has a dog issue, chat up the upcoming holiday, and, look back on classic 80’s movies with Dennis from the Guard Shack. And, it’s another batch of Music Mashups to share. Play in new window | Download

Music Edition – 6/26/17

With Roy out sick, Zig from the “Zig Zone”, and, his buddy Robbie Hett join in for a night of music talk. They talk genres, old radio stations, and all things music. A different kind of show, but, a fun edition. Dennis from Guard Shack chats up the guys and makes a request, and, ourContinue Reading

Morning Show / Gayla Johnson – 5/29/17

The boys get their wish.. they take over the morning drive LIVE!!! It’s a fun filled morning with Steve Cooper calling in from New Jersey, Dennis from the Guard Shack checks in, Jim Crawford from the Rancho Kiwanis returns, and the hilarious, comic and actress, Gayla Johnson joins us! We chat CooperTalk, Dennis in theContinue Reading

Mashup – 5/22/17

The boys go solo and catch up on the week. They discuss lists, theater life, and the passing of Chris Cornell. Dennis from the Guard Shack checks in and they end up taking a request from a resident. The show wraps up with a sampling of song mashups on YouTube… Play in new windowContinue Reading

Doug Vincent / Jim Crawford – 5/15/17

We welcome Jim Crawford and Doug Vincent from the Rancho Cucamonga Kiwanis Club. They discuss their upcoming, 7th Annual Car Show June 4th. The guys have a blast discussing old car culture, working on them, and appreciating the lost art of hot rodding. They also chat it up about the causes and charities provided byContinue Reading

The Video Edition – 5/8/17

The boys try to integrate live video with the show, mayhem occurs! No guests, so the damage is minor! The boys catch up on the week, chat up the upcoming Legacy show, and, Roy’s stage debut this weekend! And, Dennis sings and checks in from the Guard Shack! Enjoy! Play in new window |Continue Reading

A Little Piece of Heaven – 5/1/17

We are joined by the cast of the new play, “A Little Piece of Heaven”. Amy, Elizabeth, Ian, Natalie, and, Claudia discuss the play and Roy’s theater debut! We take a couple of calls, including Elizabeth’s husband. It takes “Maury Maury” moment! LOL Play in new window | Download

Dennis Vargas / Julio Gonzalez – 4/24/17

Our buddy, Comic Dennis Vargas makes his third trip in! He brings along the hilarious Julio Gonzalez! They talk about the upcoming “HomieFest Comedy Festival”, their time in standup, how to tie shoes, and a new segment called “Ask Julio” debuts. Julio takes the Great 8 Quiz, and, Dennis and the boys wrap up theContinue Reading

Dingus & Nimrod – 4/17/17

Roy & Jimmy are on the loose tonight! We deal with foreign customer complaints, do an Easter wrap-up, drop in on the Mollie B Polka Party, and Sean Williams tells the boys and Dennis how to handle a 90 year old heckler! Play in new window | Download

Potpourri – 4/10/17

This week the boys check into all things. Sports, Old California towns, recap the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and, finish off with a visit from Dennis at the Guard Shack Play in new window | Download

Stephanie Brynjolfson – 4/3/17

Stephanie Brynjolfson joins us for an Alzheimer’s Association update. The boys recap their Whittier show, the fundraiser at Atria, and talk about the upcoming Alzheimer’s Walk at California Speedway. We find out Roy lost his ability to seque, and, Jimmy’s disdain for “National Days of” is still strong. And Dennis checks in. Play inContinue Reading

Journey Through – 03/27/17

This week the boys catch up on their week, and, end up going through the days of Classic Rock, specifically, Journey. Lisa and Dawn keep the requests coming, and, Dennis checks in from the Guard Shack. Play in new window | Download

Jimmy Della Valle – 03/20/17

This week we welcome Comic & Actor Jimmy Della Valle! We have a blast chatting his acting, standup, break-dancing, and poker careers! Actor Frankie Ray calls in to bust his balls and Jimmy winds it up by taking the “Great 8 Quiz”. Play in new window | Download

Alzheimer’s Awareness – 3/13/17

This week the boys focus on Alzheimer’s Awareness. Guest are Stephanie Brynjolfson and Michael Carrillo discussing the upcoming fundraiser at Atria Del Rey in Rancho Cucamonga. They take calls and learn and enlighten about prevention and care. Very informative show! Play in new window | Download

Post Birthday Show – 3/6/17

The boys are joined by former KAOTIC RADIO intern, Andre. They discuss comedy shows, radio, and the upcoming Legacy Room show. Dennis and Sean join in on the phone for more hilarious chatter. They finish up with Andre taking the “Great 8 Quiz”… Play in new window | Download

Birthday Show – 2/27/17

The boys celebrate their birthday week! They go through the time, 10 times at a time. Countdowns, lists, songs, etc. Our buddy Big Ern calls in and joins the fun. Dennis from the Guard Shack and comic Sean Williams wraps up the night! Another fun one! Play in new window | Download

Kipp Hart / Rex Allaman – 2/20/17

The boys welcome comics Kipp Hart and Rex Allaman to the studio. We chat Disneyland tours, comedy roots, and their take on work and comedy tours. They both wrap it up with taking the “Great 8 Quiz”. Play in new window | Download

Legacy, Laughs, & MMMBop – 2/13/17

Roy and Jimmy recap the week including the latest Legacy show, try out some new theme music for Roy, get heckled by Hawking, and chat it up with Dennis. They wrap it up with the Billboard Top 100 from 1997… Play in new window | Download

Shannon Bradley Colleary – 2/6/17

This week we are joined by author Shannon Bradley Colleary. She discusses her third book. ” She Dated the #Asshats, But Married the Good Guy”, and, her informative, advice, and, story filled web site, We end with Shannon taking the “Great 8 Quiz”. A great time with a funny lady! Play in new window |Continue Reading

Return To Nihasa – 1/30/17

We welcome the filmmakers and cast of the upcoming movie “Return To Nihasa”. Christopher Brannan, Jennifer Jean Pike, Claudia Cortez, and Rick Camargo join us in studio to discuss the film. We talk about all aspects of movie making. Casting, location scouting, producing, and directing their own movie. Plus, they all take the “Great 8Continue Reading

Tony Arreola & Friends – 1/23/17

Our buddy, Comic Tony Arreola, joins us along comics Richard Barba, Jesse Martinez, and Felipe Ramirez. We chat about Tony’s upcoming birthday show, catch up with Jesse, Richard, and Felipe. And, play a rousing game of “______ Jeopardy”. Dennis checks in from the Guard Shack along with Sean Williams and Roberta Pace. Play inContinue Reading

New Year’s, Poetry, & Bags – 1/9/17

Roy and Jimmy welcome 2017 with an updated “Countdown” and “Days of…” list. They talk to Peg Ross about Victorville’s first poetry showcase. Dennis checks in from the Guard Shack and Roberta pops in for another edition of “Jimmy Bag Rant”. Play in new window | Download

It’s A Wonderful Thing – 12/19/16

Our live, in studio, performance of “It’s A Wonderful Life”. We are joined by Gus Arrendondo, Claudia Cortez, Sean WIlliams, Kylee Kline, and Stephanie Brynjolfson. We all put our own unique take on a Holiday Classic! Enjoy! Play in new window | Download

Bags, Gifts, and a Rant – 12/12/16

On this episode, the boys chat it up about “Days Of”, The Legacy Room, and the usual lists. Dennis and Roberta join us by phone and start talking Christmas songs, leading up to another “Jimmy Rant”. Plus, a preview of their Christmas Show. Play in new window | Download

Ain’t The Season, Yet! – 12/05/16

Without a guest, Roy and Jimmy set off on an odd journey! Starting with heckling Stephen Hawking and ending with Jimmy slow-burning to an unexpected Christmas Rant! Roy and Dennis from the Guard Shack had good intentions, but, backfires on Jimmy. Join in for the fun! Play in new window | Download

Erik Escobar – 11/28/16

Our buddy Erik Escobar 3-peats with  us tonight! We get calls right off the bat from his “friends”. We chat about his upcoming Comedy Festival and current comedy shows. Dennis checks in from the Guard Shack, and Roberta joins us from Dayton! And, we hear from our old buddy, Chappy from Kaotic Motor Sports!  It’sContinue Reading

Johnny Gold – 11/21/16

The always entertaining Johnny Gold joins us in studio. We chat all things comedy, his acting roots, current stand up and more. We are joined via phone with our buddies John Kevari, David Rusiecki, and the return of Roberta Pace! A hilarious episode wrapped with Johnny taking the “Great 8 Quiz”. Play in newContinue Reading

Ryan Reaves – 11/14/16

An awesome show with Comic Ryan Reaves. Ryan joins us for the Daily Countdowns, his take on “Monthly Things Of…”, and we go down memory lane about of our comic heroes. A hilarious show and we end it with Ryan taking the “Great 8 Quiz”, Play in new window | Download

CholoFest – 11/07/16

Comics Dennis Vargas, Cochino, and Anne Flagg join us. Dennis promotes the first CholoFest Comedy Show in Riverside. Cochino and Anne give us the scoop on the details. Dennis checks in from the Guard Shack. New listener Karla won tickets to both Legacy Room Show and CholoFest and her first “Cholo Date Night”. PlayContinue Reading

GoFundUs – 10/17/16

Roy’s back and so is the show! Roy and Jimmy throw out a plea to their audience to set up a gofundme account to get them in the mornings. They chat current events, countdowns, day offs, and a little Dennis from the guard shack… Play in new window | Download

Matt Cole / Sean Williams – 10/03/16

With Sean Williams as co-host, Jimmy welcomes comic Matt Cole in the studio. We chat comedy, producing shows, and the landscape of standup today. Sean kicks in and goes “in-depth” with Matt’s background and what led him to Southern California and standup. The boys goof on each other and laughs ensue! And, Jimmy misses aContinue Reading

Ritch Shydner – 9/26/16

We welcome the hilarious Ritch Shydner to our show! We discuss his newest book, “Kicking Through The Ashes”, his standup path from rough open mics to the Tonight Show, TV writing, acting career, and, return to standup! A must listen to episode for any and all comedy fans! Plus, Ritch takes the “Great 8 Quiz”!Continue Reading

the Hug Life thing – 9/19/16

Comedians Mike Coletta and Monica Nevi from the Hug Life Podcast join us in-studio! We chat up their standup journeys from Seattle to SoCal, the history of the Hug Life Podcast, and Roy and Mike have a discussion of fast food menus, food mash-ups, and we all jump in on mayonnaise. We end it onContinue Reading

2 Year Anniversary – 9/12/16

It’s a packed show! Roy and Jimmy celebrate and look back on 2 years of their show! Calls in from Billy Mitchell, Sean Williams, Dennis Wincel, and Erik Escobar. Plus, some classic clips from previous shows! Walk down memory lane with us on this one! Play in new window | Download

Breanna Sewell – 8/29/16

Our pal Breanna Sewell joins us on the phone! We discuss her political campaign in Desert Hot Springs, her love of comedy, and how she became a comedy show producer. We reflect on the passing of Gene Wilder through stories, movie clips, and, share a classic Mark & Brain clip.  Roberta and Dennis join inContinue Reading

Steel Magnolias – 8/22/16

It’s a full house in the studio for this one! The cast of TAG’s production of “Steel Magnolias”. We chat about the play, their beginnings of acting, inside stories of the play and cast, and so much more! Phone lines were lit! And, we had our very first “6-way Great 8 Quiz”! Play inContinue Reading

Oso / Victor Vasquez – 8/15/16

We are joined in studio with comic Oso and our buddy Victor Vasquez. We chat Oso’s start and quick rise to doing shows to running comedy rooms throughout Southern California. Had a blast having Victor back in. Oso takes the “Great 8 Quiz” and Dennis checks in from the Guard Shack! Play in newContinue Reading

Coast 2 Coast Show – 8/8/16

Viewership is at an all time high tonight! We are in the Bay Area, Ohio, and Arizona!!! The boys catch up on their week, and, Jimmy shares his fave YouTube clip of the week. We end up being in a 4 way sing-a-long with our buddies Dennis, Lisa, and, Roberta. And, finally, 2 winners inContinue Reading

We Love The 80’s- 8/1/16

Roy & Jimmy chat up their week, catch up on what’s going on in the world. They remember back on the 80’s with the anniversary of MTV. Chat about 80’s legend Ms Cleo’s career and stardom, And we present another Mystery Movie Moment. Play in new window | Download

Wyatt Gray / Tony Arreola – 7/18/16

Roy and Jimmy welcome comics Wyatt Gray and Tony Arreola to the program. We chat with Wyatt about his recent comedy contest win, his expanding schedule, and how an articulate fellow, such as himself, got into standup. Our buddy Tony returns with another round of “Would You Rather”. We end with Wyatt taking the “GreatContinue Reading

A Go-Go Show – 6/27/16

Roy and Jimmy run without a guest and do their usual rambling ons! Dennis checks in from the Guard Shack, Roy shares his stage asperations, and Jimmy creates a “WHAM Dance Party”! Play in new window | Download

Eric Alegria – 6/13/16

We discuss Eric’s beginnings of acting and standup from Chicago to LA, how we all met back in 2009 in the early days, and what we all are up to now. Fun show with great stories, and we share some advice for newbies, Dennis checks in from the Guard Shack, and BJ gives a “Daddy Update”.Continue Reading

Dennis Vargas / Tony Arreola – 6/6/16

Comics Dennis Vargas and Tony Arreola join us for a fun filled, twist and turn show! We chat comedy, careers, and future paths. Dennis checks in from the Guard Shack and Tony takes over the show with a round “Would You Rather…” And we do a double shot of the “Great 8 Quiz”. We wrapContinue Reading

Tony Arreola – 5/23/16

Comic Tony Arreola joins us in studio. We discuss his rapid rise in standup, his new weekly show, and his future plans. We have a Mystery Movie Moment with 4 special guests, Dennis checks in from the Guard Shack, and get some touching responses from Tony’s friends! Play in new window | Download

Prostate of the Union – 5/16/16

Dr Roy and Dr Jimmy end discussing a benefit to prostate health. Just for accuracy, John and Dennis join in. We warp it up with “Un-Maternity Leave, and a mini music marathon! Play in new window | Download

Music and Legacy – 5/2/16

NOTE: Lost the first half hour due to technical snafu. 🙁 We had Jim and Sheila in from the Legacy Room in Chino. We chat about their new club, and the thrill of showcasing local artists. The last hour goes off the rails…brace yourself for a musical “Speed Drill”! Play in new window |Continue Reading

Purple Monday – 4/25/16

This week, Roy & Jimmy discuss Prince with guests comics John Kevari and Sean Williams. John gives an emotional musical “tribute”, while Sean and the guys talked about how the impact of Prince’s music affected the era then to now. Play in new window | Download

Monica Nevi / Denise Shue – 4/18/16

In studio with comics Monica Nevi and Denise Shue. We chat up the upcoming Mother’s Day all ladies show, bounce through a dramatic “Mystery Movie Moment”, and the Great 8 Quiz returns! “WiFi in Heaven” returns. And we enjoy another segment of “Ah man…with John” and “The Guard Shack with Dennis”.  CRIKEY! Play inContinue Reading

Plethora of Monday – 4/11/16

On this show, we take Monday into week two! John Kevari reviews “Batman VS Superman, Scott Shimamoto and Sean Williams visit us via the phone. We catch up on our countdowns, week, and get a surprise In N Out delivery from Thomas and Tiffany! Play in new window | Download

Monday Madness – 4/4/16

We kick off our new night with new stuff! Roy & Jimmy discuss the weekend, play a round of the new “Mystery Movie Moment”, and debut the new “Ahhh Man….with John Kevari” segment. Even get a call from Sammy! They kicked off Monday with a bang! Play in new window | Download

Locker Room Show – 3/29/16

It’s that time again! Ryan and Matt join Roy and Jimmy for the Locker Room Wrapup! We start on-time this week with Ryan “vowing” to talk 90% less… #FAILED! We chat bowling, football, and NASCAR with Vicki. We have a surprise edition of the “Love Connection” when caller Curtis begs for a chance to dateContinue Reading

Steve Cooper – 3/1/16

We celebrate Roy & Jimmy’s birthday week. Chat news and weird headlines, and, our buddy, podcast host, comic, and author, Steve Cooper calls in! Play in new window | Download

Locker Room Show – 2/23/16

Our monthly edition with the Kaotic Locker Room Boys! This month, Ryan and Matt rundown the last month of sports! We have a new “Rodney’s Rant” along with a phone interview with him. Phone calls from Vicki and Scott too! A fun show that’s all over the road, and, a little off the rails! Reading

Earth, Wind, & Kevari – 2/9/16

This week, Roy and Jimmy go in reverse! We begin at the end with the our buddy, Comic John Kevari calling in. John chats the debates, porn sites, and has a “special” moment with Blaine. We finish off with John taking the “Great 8 Quiz”. And no show is complete without a visit from DennisContinue Reading

Locker Room Show – 2/6/16

Roy Returns!!! We welcome him back along with the boys from the Kaotic Locker Room! Matt & Ryan breakdown Super Bowl 50 with Roy and Jimmy. They get a call from Patriots coach “Bill Belichick”, discuss the Rams return to Los Angeles, take bar bets on the game, and enjoy another repeat airing of aContinue Reading

the Sean & Jimmy thing – 1/26/16

After a couple of weeks off and Roy out sick, the show goes on with our buddy, Comic Sean Williams taking the co-hosting spot! Roy joins us on the phone while Sean and Jimmy recap the last 2 weeks of comedy shows. Including the private event in Fontana and the DHS show! We hit onContinue Reading

The “Sean John” Episode – 1/5/16

The first show of year brings so much joy to Jimmy and Blaine! Roy explains how he’s dealing with his truck being broken into. Lost a lot of stuff, but, you’ll be surprised at the item he’s mourning most over! Our buddy, Dennis, checks in after Jimmy gets his “Bangles” motor running! We find outContinue Reading

A “Yum Yum” Christmas – 12/22/15

Our Christmas Edition. Roy and Jimmy recap their past “house party comedy show’, chat holiday plans, horrible Christmas movies lists, and tell the tale of a “Vegazzled Yum Yum” gal! Play in new window | Download

Post Thanksgiving – 12/8/15

After a few weeks off, the boys return! Roy and Jimmy catch up on working life, Thanksgiving fun, and Roy shares a little of his Cranberry recipe! Play in new window | Download

Locker Room Show – 10/27/15

Our buddies Matt Alldredge and Ryan Combe from the Kaotic Locker Room drop for a one-night stand show! They catch us up on all sports! Golf, Football, and Live updates on Game 1 of the World Series. Matt quizzes us and take the “Great 8 Quiz”. Play in new window | Download

Jose Raymond / Victor Vasquez – 10/20/15

Comics Jose Raymond and Victor Vasquez join us. We discuss Jose’s fast climb in the LA scene since arriving from Hawaii. And, tells us about his upcoming DVD taping at the Ice House. Victor joins in for a great discussion on being “polite” before, during and, especially, after perfuming. And, Jose is the latest contestant for theContinue Reading

Eli Nicolas – 9/15/15

Our buddy Eli Nicolas is our guest tonight. We talk comedy, the grind of the road, and keeping yourself “up” for the standup journey. Thomas sits in and Eli takes the “Great 8 Quiz”. Play in new window | Download

Anniversary Show – 9/8/15

What a show! We celebrated our one year on air! Ernie Avila and Victor Vasquez our in-studio with us. Our fellow kaoticradio buddies Matt Alldredge and Ryan Combe stop in for some fun and payback. We get a visit from Slappy the Clown, and Scott Shimamoto co-hosts on the phone! Shout out to Dennis, John,Continue Reading

Zhivago Blea – 8/25/15

One of the best comics out there, Zhivago Blea joins us in the studio. We chat his comedy philosophy, balancing comedy and life, and his hair care regimen. We take a call from Bobby and find out how to order his book on Amazon. And, Zhivago takes the “Great 8 Quiz”. Chica La Fur!!! Reading

Erik Escobar – 8/18/15

Roy and Jimmy catch up on the week before. Comic Erik Escobar drops in the last half of the show. He updates us on his very busy comedy schedule, new versus old bits, and talks about road comedy. Dennis and Rocky try to review “The 40 Year Old Virgin”. And Erik takes his shot atContinue Reading

Scott Shimamoto – 8/11/15

The hilarious Scott Shimamoto joins us for 2 hours of laughs! We get the scoop on his early rap career, almost his comedy roots, and working with pros like Rudy Moreno, Comics Victor Vasquez and Marlon Moran join in on the phone. And our pals Lydia and Lilly call in too. We play “Up YourContinue Reading

Marlon Moran – 8/4/15

Comic Marlon Moran is in-studio tonight! It’s a buffet of comedy and guests! We chat his comedy beginnings, learning English from TV, and the origins of “Liquid Ass”. Our buddies Sean Williams and Victor Vasquez call in and give Roy his monthly scoldings. Lastly, Marlon tackles the “Great 8 Quiz”. Play in new windowContinue Reading

Good Wood Podcast – 7/28/15

Our buddies Ronnie Gentili and Ruben Fierro from the Good Wood Podcast join us for this episode. We chat baseball, including current trade rumors, farm systems, and the current state of MLB. We chat up Ruben about his stand up comedy and get a “bringer’s” perspective on comedy shows from Ronnie. We finish up with the boysContinue Reading

Solo Show – 7/14/15

Roy and Jimmy run solo in the studio. They riff on “National Day of…” lists, music, and upcoming events, Comics John Kevari and Victor Vasquez call up and become our guests of the episode. Plus, Roy and Jimmy self induce the “Great 8 Quiz” on themselves! Play in new window | Download

Rick Izquieta / Victor Vasquez – 7/7/15

Our buddies, comics Victor Vasquez and Rick Izquieta, popped in! We started chatting comedy gigs and ended up doing our own version of “The Art Leboe Show”! Phone calls, dedications, and shout outs! Lots of laughs and one of the best rounds of “The Great 8 Quiz”! Play in new window | Download

Karmel Humphrey – 6/30/15

A rare “3 version” show! 1) With Blaine at the board, Jimmy runs solo and babbles on and on. 2) Karmel joins us and we get some background on his comedy beginnings to his appearance on “Laughs”. 3) Roy shows up and we are back to our regular mayhem! We end the show with another fun roundContinue Reading

Barry Sobel – 6/23/15

Great fun with Barry Sobel in-studio! We chat his early career from his San Francisco roots, Rodney Dangerfield, TV career, movies, Tom Hanks, and his upcoming summer tour. A fun look into the world of Barry Sobel! Plus we play “Up Your Twitter” and Barry takes the “Great 8 Quiz”! Play in new windowContinue Reading

Buck Acosta – 6/16/15

Comic, Actor, and, self-proclaimed “Jack of all Offs”, Buck Acosta discusses his journey of comedy, wrestling, acting and writing. Great outlook and perspective on life. And, he kills the “Great 8 Quiz”! Plus, a quick call from the “Rupper”. Play in new window | Download

Gus Arrendondo / Dan Rupp – 6/9/15

Comics Gus Arrendondo and Dan Rupp invade the studio! We debut the “Great 8 List”, chat comedy, Sammy Hagar, and how to conserve water. A call from our buddy Sean Williams and Alina takes over the board! #DanCantDrive55 Play in new window | Download

Andrew Steele – 6/2/15

Dj and Comic Andrew Steele joins us! We discuss his road to comedy and being a DJ. Lifetime movies, QVC and the art of the seductive “strare-down”! And our buddy Ernie Avila phones in! Play in new window | Download

Matt Alldredge – 5/26/15

Kaotic Locker Room host, Matt Alldredge, joins us tonight. We chat a potpourri of topics from the rules of driving, sports, and Smokey and the Bandit. Roving reporter, John Kevari, interviews Matt and takes us on a Convoy! #GoodBuddy Play in new window | Download

Ernie Avila – 5/19/15

Rescheduled and Ready to go, our buddy Big Ern is back for a full episode! We talk about his comedy beginnings, performing for Gabriel Iglesias, work out his “feud” with Roy, and his mommy calls to tell us all about his WEENUS!!! Play in new window | Download

Bill Kinison – 5/12/15

A great episode with Bill Kinison in-studio! We chat with him about owning the Grove Theatre, roots in Illinois, Sam and stand up in the 80’s, the Comedy Store, and more! Play in new window | Download

Sam Ridley – 4/28/15

The multi-talented Sam Ridley dropped in tonight. Fresh off a TV shoot, we discuss Comedy, Self Promotion, and crazy women. Plus, his buddy Marcus phones in and we get the lowdown on “the Man with a Blanket”. Play in new window | Download

Lang Parker – 4/21/15

An absolute blast with Comic Lang Parker in studio! We discuss working the road, Last Comic Standing, Bennie Gucci, and she frightens Roy a bit with some serious woman talk! Meanwhile Jimmy keeps her on her toes musically. And, phone calls from David and Lydia! Play in new window | Download

Sean Williams / Carlos Escobar – 4/14/15

Comics Sean Williams and Carlos Escobar arrive in the studio tonight! We talk poop, comedy stories, their Home Invasion Comedy shows, and kinda help Sean get a speedy divorce. Plus phone calls from Blaine and Kevari. Play in new window | Download

Victor Vasquez / Gus Arredondo – 4/7/15

Comics Victor Vasquez and Gus Arredondo drop by to promote the KAOTIC show at LaLuna. Plus a phone visit from our buddy John Kevari. Play in new window | Download

Rosie Tran – 3/24/15

The lovely and always hilarious Rosie Tran drops by the studio. We talk about her podcast “Out of the Box”, acting, and her start as a standup. Plus she teaches us a thing or two about WikiFeet! Play in new window | Download

Ms. Arkansas – 3/17/15

On tonight’s program, Ms. Arkansas stopped by and you would never believe what she said… Play in new window | Download

Sean Williams – 1/27/15

Jimmy brings in SPAM sandwiches, Roy and Jimmy doing their usual observations with a quick visit from our buddy Comic Sean Williams and call in from Comic Victor Vasquez. Play in new window | Download

New Year’s Eve – 12/30/14

We shut down 2014 with Gus Arredondo and the CFO Ryan Combe in studio! Along with phone chats with Victor Vasquez and Sean Williams! “Sean’s A Black Man!?” Play in new window | Download

John Kevari – 12/23/14

The one and only John Kevari is LIVE in the studio! John discusses his comedy roots, love of the Godfather genre of movies, and touches on some good ole melancholy porn. Plus, Roy’s back from his week-long social media hiatus. YEAHHHH!!!!! Play in new window | Download